Steel bar prices for square bar, round bar and flat bar from Bronberg Steel.

Flat Bar Prices and Sizes

Our clients in Pretoria East find a million and one uses for versatile steel flat bar. The cost of steel flat bar depends on its specifications. Here you will find current prices for steel flat bar from our Pretoria East cash and carry outlet. Please confirm prices with a formal quotation or give us a call to verify cost.

Photograph of steel flat bar
An example of steel flat bar
Width Height Price
20 5 POR
25 3 POR
25 4.5 POR
30 4.5 POR
40 3 POR
40 5 POR


Round Bar Prices

Professional and amateur handymen as well as industrial clients often find themselves in need of a few lengths of metal round bar. They don’t want to wait for weeks – instead, they ask themselves where they can find steel round bar for sale in Pretoria East. Here are the round bar sizes and prices you’ve been looking for.

Photograph of round steel bar for sale.
An example of round bar for sale
Diametre Price
10 POR
12 POR
16 POR


Square Bar Prices

Those building a steel framework from scratch or doing simple repairs often find themselves in need of square steel bar. After all, it’s so easy to work with! Whether you dream of building a rocket ship in your backyard or just want to mend something small, we have a great range of steel square bar in stock.

Photograph of round steel bar for sale.
An example of square bar for sale
Width Height Price
10 10 POR
12 12 POR

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