Metal Plates for Sale from Bronberg Steel, Pretoria

Base Plate Steel Sheets for Sale: Prices

We can fulfil just about any order for steel, but when you want steel plate to buy right away, we offer all the convenience you need. We update our plate steel prices regularly, but do remember to confirm pricing in case of sudden fluctuations. Our stock solves the question “Where can I find metal sheets near me?” for Pretoria residents. Let’s begin with prices for steel base plate.

Photograph of steel base plate
An example of steel base plate
Width Height Thickness Price
100 100 2 POR
100 100 3 POR
150 150 2 POR
150 150 3 POR
200 200 2 POR
200 200 3 POR
300 300 2 POR
300 300 3 POR


Hot Rolled Metal Sheets

Malleable hot rolled steel is easily formed into sheets. This basic form of plate steel is easily obtainable from our cash and carry outlet in Pretoria East – or we can deliver. Call us to confirm prices, as these may vary from time to time.

Photograph of hot rolled sheet metal for sale.
An example of hot rolled metal sheet
Length Width Thickness Price
2450 1225 1.6 POR
2450 1225 2 POR
2450 1225 2.5 POR
2450 1225 4 POR


Mild Steel Plate Sizes & Prices

Mild steel plate is structural quality steel suited to a wide range of applications. When you seek mild steel plate for sale in Pretoria East, look no further than Bronberg Steel. We can give you expert advice and assistance -so if you’re not sure what grade of steel will be right for you, we can help.

Photograph of mild steel plate for sale.
An example of mild steel plate
Length Width Thickness Price
2500 1200 4.5 POR
2500 1200 5 POR
2500 1200 6 POR
2500 1200 8 POR


Galvanized Sheet Metal

When sheet metal is exposed to a corrosive environment, a little protection is in order. Our high quality galvanized sheet metal handles tough environments. Best of all, our convenient Pretoria East location means you can pick up what you need anytime – or else let us deliver.

Photograph of galvanized steel plate for sale.
An example of galvanized steel plate
Length Width Thickness Price
2450 1225 0.58 POR
2450 1225 0.8 POR
2450 1225 1 POR
2450 1225 1.2 POR
2450 1225 1.6 POR

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